standard and custom dispensing systems

Coffee Grinders

Componenti Vending supplies an economical line of professional coffee grinders for the optimum and consistent grinding of coffee beans, with the capability of regulating the desired grain (fine or course) according to requirements. The ground coffee doses can be dispensed on a time basis or by means of a volumetric doser (Series 253). Coffee beans can be feed to our coffee grinders by utilizing our coffee bean hoppers.

Coffee Bean Hoppers

Componenti Vending supplies a large selection of body sizes and shapes to fulfil all market requirements for the optimum coffee bean dosing. Heights on request up to 460mm maximum All of these coffee bean hoppers can be mounted to our coffee grinders.

Ingredient Canisters

Our selection includes a variety of body sizes and shapes, agitators, augers, toothed couplings and output flanges for the optimum ingredient dosing and control.

Heights on request ranging from 140mm to 460mm. White or translucent body material. NSF approved models on request. Output chutes: straight, right or left handed. Customized versions on request.

Mixing Systems

Our selection includes a large selection of mixing chambers, bowls, impellers, steam traps, outlets and adapters to fulfill all vending market requirements for the optimum ingredient(or soluble) mixing. Different colors available on demand. Specific whipper motors complete our mixing systems program.

Cup Dispensers

Componenti Vending S.p.A. manufactures a large selection of devices designed for the optimum automatic dispensing of plastic and paper cups, incups and cup lids. Our fixed units may dispense different cup sizes: 70-73-78-80 mm and our adjustable unit any size ranging from 70mm to 100mm. Specific cup and lid size mechanisms can be developed on demand.

Espresso Brewer

Kube is an innovative Espresso brewer developed by Componenti Vending S.p.A. It produces a superb creamy coffee within a neat, compact and practical unit.
The versatile infusion capacity (up to 14gr of ground coffee) and the bi-directional hydraulic delivery make Kube a truely unique brewer. Kube is a high quality espresso brewer that masters “the art of coffee”


Our stainless steel pressure boiler is a high quality device suitable for dispensing hot water for espresso coffee and solubles.

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